La Française des Jeux introduces "My Million", a Raffle game to Euro Millions


Boulogne, February 11th, 2014 – On February 1st, la Française des Jeux (FDJ®) launched a national add-on game called 'My Million' to the European game Euro Millions. 'My Million', which is only available in France, is a 'must-win' game with a guaranteed French millionaire on Euro Millions draws days (i.e. Tuesday and Friday).

fdj-em-my-millionAs Euro Millions – My Million is now a package of 2 games, French players who participate in the Euro Millions main draw are automatically entered into a separate 'My Million' draw.

Then, for every Euro Millions grid played, a unique 'My Million' code (made up of 2 letters and 7 figures) is automatically printed on the receipt.

For every draw, a unique 'My Million' code is drawn among all participating codes.

As part of the enhancement, Euro Millions – My Million now costs € 2.5 per play (1 Euro Millions simple line + 1 My Million code). This new game, with the first draw taking place on Tuesday 4th February, will create over 100 new millionaires per year. The traditional Euro Millions mechanism remains unchanged.

La Française des Jeux has launched a communication campaign including 2 new TV ads based on the complementarity between both Euro Millions and My Million winnings and dreams.


La Française des Jeux

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